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Cleaning Instructions

Quiet Concepts' acoustical and tackable panels are wrapped with our 100% polyester standard panel fabrics.

To prevent overall soiling, frequent vacuuming or light brushing to remove dust and grime is recommended. If necessary, spot clean with a mild solvent, an upholstery shampoo, or the foam from a mild detergent.

When applying solvents, detergents, or shampoos, do not apply directly to panels. Instead, apply to a piece of fabric similar to the fabric on the panel and then apply lightly to the panel. Use a professional cleaning service when an overall soiled condition has been reached or if there is an oil-based stain.

If the fabric on the panel is not one of our standard polyester fabrics, please refer to the fabric manufacturers cleaning instructions.

Should you have any further questions about the cleaning of your panels, please contact us at (248) 542-2570.